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What's New?

Grand Cayman Gallery - Updated the gallery from our most recent trip to this diving mecca 5/24/09

Dominica - Diving and exploring the "Nature Island" 1/31/2009

North Carolina - Historic ship wrecks in the Graveyard of the Atlantic, packed with sharks... and surprisingly, lionfish! 8/26/08

Curacao Gallery - Diving in lush coral gardens brimming with life in miniature 7/19/08

Provo Gallery - Sharks and hurricanes, Oh my! Our new Gallery is up 5/23/08

Cozumel Gallery - Another great trip to one of our favorite places. New images have been added to the Gallery 7/24/07

Photo Contest - The results of the 2007 Scuba Diving Photo Contest are in and we made the list again 6/9/2007

British Virgin Islands Gallery - Forget sailing, the diving is what we came for 1/27/2007

Cayman Sister Islands Gallery - Our trip to Little Cayman for a week of diving along world famous Bloody Bay 11/12/2006

Grand Cayman Gallery - New pictures added from our quick stop after the Little Cayman trip 11/12/2006

Fish Tales - Grand Cayman is famous for it's friendly Stingrays, and that's only the beginning 10/23/2006

Yap Gallery - Known for Stone Money & Mantas - but it's so much more 7/29/2006

Palau Gallery - Take a look at the new gallery - a dream dive destination that truly lives up to it's reputation 7/22/2006

Grand Cayman Gallery - The photos from another trip to one of our favorite Caribbean destinations has been added 3/27/2006

Fish Tales -  Read all about our first liveaboard adventure in the Bahamas on the Nekton Pilot  1/18/2006

Bahamas Gallery - We had a wonderful week on the Nekton Pilot - take a look at some of the great diving 9/28/2005

Fish Tales - The "Fish Tales" have grown again - read about our Belizean Whale Shark adventure 9/1/2005 

Belize Revisited - Expanded the Belize Gallery into 2 pages and added pictures from our most recent trip 7/16/2005 

Photo Contest Winner! - Added a new page to highlight our Scuba Diving Magazine contest winner 3/20/2005

Fish Tales - The second "Fish Tales" adventure in Cozumel has been added 3/10/2005

Guest Book - Added a new page to allow visitors to leave their comments or simply say "Hello" 3/10/2005

World Maps - Reworked the map page for easier selection of a gallery by location - just click on the map 1/30/2005

Fiji Gallery - Finally got the pictures from our Fiji trip posted 1/29/2005

Fish Tales - Our travelogue page is launched with the Belize trip the first published 11/29/04

Cozumel - The pictures are back and the Cozumel gallery is ready 11/21/04

Cozumel  - Launched the new Cozumel page as we left for our trip 10/24/04

Bay Islands Gallery - Added new underwater pictures 10/03/04

Belize Gallery - Added new underwater and topside pictures 9/03/04

Bay Islands Gallery - Added some pictures upon our return (more to come!) 8/23/04

Launched Blue Water Visions 8/6/04