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Fish Tales


Belize - Pink Vase Sponge

Belize - Spanish Lobster

Belize - Southern Stingray

Pink Vase Sponge Spanish Lobster Southern Stingray

Belize - Diver with Nurse Shark

Belize - Outer Turneffe Atoll

Belize - Green Sea Turtle

Diver w/ Nurse Shark Outer Turneffe Atoll Green Sea Turtle
Belize - Orange Elephant Ear Sponge Belize - Peering Green Moray Belize - Bluestripped Grunts in Rope Sponge
Orange Elephant Ear Sponge Peering Green Moray Bluestriped Grunts in Rope Sponge
Belize - Rock Beauty Ken and Kristan Belize - Gray Angelfish
Rock Beauty California Friends Gray Angelfish #4
Belize - Stealth Stingray Belize - Ambergris Caye Belize - Nurse Sharks
Stealth Stingray Seaside Ambergris Caye Nurse Shark #3
Belize - Green Moray Belize - Pillar Coral Belize - Sea Plumes
Green Moray #2 "The Finger" (Pillar Coral) Sea Plumes in the Sun
Belize - Spotted Eagle Ray Belize - Red Banded Hermit Crab Belize - Southern Stingray
Spotted Eagle Ray Red Banded Hermit w/Anemone Hol Chan Stingray
Belize - Hunting Green Moray Belize - Yellowmouth Grouper Belize - Nassau Grouper
Hunting Green Moray Yellowmouth Grouper Lurking Nassau Grouper
Shrimp Farm Belize - Black Grouper Belize - Gray Angelfish
Shrimp Farm Black Grouper Gray Angelfish #3
Belize - Schooling Snappers BLZ_Jungle Storm.jpg (257017 bytes) San Pedro Ferry
Schooling Snappers Jungle Storm San Pedro Ferry
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Fish Tales