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Belize Revisited

Whaleshark at Gladden Spit BLZ_assorted sponges.jpg (290081 bytes) Our friend Jen in Belize
Passing Whaleshark Underwater Landscape "Hey, Fish Heads!"
BLZ_racing horse eye jacks.jpg (266867 bytes) BLZ_beaugregory.jpg (350634 bytes) Diver with schooling wrasse
Racing Horse-Eye Jacks Juvenile Beaugregory Diver w/ Schooling Wrasse
BLZ_diver and turtle.jpg (336151 bytes) Kelli exploring in Belize BLZ_trumpetfish and seafan.jpg (357190 bytes)
Diver and Sea Turtle Kelli Exploring Trumpetfish Under Seafan
BLZ_french angel.jpg (368278 bytes) BLZ_peeking queen angel.jpg (406614 bytes) Passing Whaleshark at Gladden Spit
Posing French Angelfish Peeking Queen Angelfish Departing Whaleshark
Green Moray at a cleaning station BLZ_sand chute.jpg (332098 bytes) BLZ_fish flight.jpg (301631 bytes)
Moray at Cleaning Station Sand Chute Creole Wrasse Flyby
BLZ_queen angel.jpg (390712 bytes) BLZ_horse eye jacks.jpg (286594 bytes) BLZ_whaleshark.jpg (212594 bytes)
Bashful Queen Angel Jacks in Formation Whaleshark Headshot
BLZ_manta henge.jpg (274517 bytes) BLZ_pair of foureyes.jpg (334517 bytes) BLZ_island beach.jpg (220180 bytes)
Zehr's "Mantahenge" A Pair of 4's Turtle Beach
BLZ_whale shark and divers.jpg (169356 bytes) BLZ_christmastree worm.jpg (404957 bytes) BLZ_tarpon pair.jpg (377316 bytes)
Grand Entrance Christmas Tree Worm Tarpon Pair
BLZ_queens crown.jpg (328214 bytes) BLZ_sponge covered wall.jpg (289262 bytes) BLZ_crab on seafan.jpg (411633 bytes)
Queen's Crown Sponge Covered Wall Seafan Clinging Crab 
BLZ_sand diver.jpg (299348 bytes) BLZ_cantina.jpg (198054 bytes) BLZ_scrawled filefish.jpg (325351 bytes)
Perched Sand Diver Flat Calm Neon Scrawled Filefish
BLZ_yellow tubes.jpg (511315 bytes) BLZ_cleaning station moray 2.jpg (344338 bytes) BLZ_silversides 1.jpg (362089 bytes)
Twin Yellow Tube Sponges Moray at Cleaning Station # 2 Silversides Flowing Past 
BLZ_patroling barracuda.jpg (206074 bytes) BLZ_smooth trunkfish2.jpg (322726 bytes) BLZ_manta shoreline.jpg (243432 bytes)
Cuda and Shadow Puckering Trunkfish Southwest Caye
BLZ_smooth trunkfish3.jpg (320724 bytes) BLZ_deserted beach.jpg (210490 bytes) BLZ_sand tilefish.jpg (408194 bytes)
Shy Trunkfish Peaceful Sand Tilefish
BLZ_loggerhead.jpg (274272 bytes) BLZ_diver and cuda.jpg (244749 bytes) BLZ_tarpon2.jpg (419198 bytes)
Loggerhead Sea Turtle Who's Stalking Who? Lurking Tarpon
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