Blue Water Visions


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On board the Big Blue Explorer for a week of diving paradise

Pal_anemonefish_soft_coral.jpg (339563 bytes) Pal_Pink_Anemonefish.jpg (321899 bytes) Pal_velvet_seastar.jpg (374219 bytes)
Anemonefish and Soft Coral Pink Anemonefish Velvet Seastar
Pal_sea_turtle_red_seafan.jpg (349462 bytes) Pal_humphead_wrasse.jpg (235633 bytes)
 Turtle on Seafan Mandarinfish Humphead Wrasse
Pal_3_pink_anemonefish.jpg (421958 bytes) Pal_yellow-mask_angelfish.jpg (415901 bytes)
One of Millions Pink Anemonefish Trio Yellow-Mask Angelfish
Pal_painted_sea_turtle.jpg (195491 bytes) Pal_divers_at_Virgin_blue_hole.jpg (187446 bytes) Pal_granulated_seastar.jpg (490218 bytes)
Turtle with amazing shell Divers at Virgin Blue Hole Granulated Seastar
Pal_pink_soft_coral.jpg (381035 bytes) Pal_crescent-tail_bigeye.jpg (265758 bytes) Pal_crash_landing.jpg (216560 bytes)
Pink Soft Coral Crescent-Tail Bigeye Crash Landing
Pal_eagleray_at_blue_corner.jpg (193130 bytes) Pal_orange-finned_anemonefish.jpg (261664 bytes) Pal_palau_sunset.jpg (167262 bytes)
Spotted Eagleray at Blue Corner Clark's Anemonefish Pacific Sunset
Pal_video_in_soft_coral.jpg (409142 bytes) Pal_divers_at_Siaes_Tunnel.jpg (259920 bytes) Pal_Ulong_channel.jpg (364792 bytes)
Video in Soft Coral Divers at Siaes Tunnel Underwater Palette
Pal_necklace_seastar.jpg (388389 bytes) Pal_passing_manta.jpg (139830 bytes) Pal_spotfin_lionfish.jpg (418102 bytes)
Necklace Seastar German Channel Mantaray Prowling Spotfin Lionfish
Pal_diver_seaplane.jpg (290882 bytes) Pal_barracuda_blue_corner.jpg (327176 bytes)
Diver at Seaplane Wreck Fragile Jellyfish Circling Barracuda
Pal_humphead_wrasse_divers.jpg (228739 bytes) Pal_rock_islands_arch.jpg (308571 bytes) Pal_banded_cleaner_shrimp.jpg (352108 bytes)
Napoleon Wrasse w/Divers Rock Islands Arch Banded Cleaner Shrimp
Pal_Orange-Finned_Anemonefish_2.jpg (401489 bytes) Pal_pair_of_feather_stars.jpg (491009 bytes) Pal_Pink_Anemonefish_2.jpg (336731 bytes)
Orange-finned Anemonefish Pair Pair of Feather Stars Curious Pink Anemonefish
Pal_mestiga_jellyfish_4.jpg (263819 bytes) Pal_lettuce_coral_Ulong.jpg (243382 bytes)
Pulsing Swimmer Lettuce Coral in Ulong Channel Mandarinfish Portrait
Pal_gliding_eagleray.jpg (145318 bytes) Pal_Spotfin_Lionfish_2.jpg (379815 bytes) Pal_blue_corner_whitetips.jpg (255777 bytes)
Mysterious Spotted Eagleray Spotfin Lionfish Blue Corner Whitetips
Pal_rock_islands_2.jpg (239249 bytes) Pal_Big_Blue_Explorer.jpg (272698 bytes) Pal_Unknown.jpg (383062 bytes)
Palau's Rock Islands Big Blue Explorer Interesting, but Unknown?
Pal_Clarks_Anemonefish_2.jpg (267348 bytes) Pal_spotted_eagleray_3.jpg (263903 bytes)
Mestiga Jellyfish Bulb-Tentacle Anemone & Fish Disappearing Eagleray
Pal_Pink_Anemonefish_3.jpg (394291 bytes) Pal_seaplane_wreck.jpg (215630 bytes) Pal_clown_triggerfish.jpg (380405 bytes)
Fish in Magnificent Sea Anemone Seaplane Wreck Palau Clown Triggerfish
Pal_reef_crab.jpg (357170 bytes) Pal_Ulong.jpg (281582 bytes) Pal_diver_soft_coral_wall.jpg (248543 bytes)
Reef Crab Ulong Island Kelli on a Coral Wall
Pal_grouper_trumpetfish_hunting.jpg (330265 bytes) Pal_Pink_Anemonefish_4.jpg (373274 bytes) Pal_emperor_angelfish.jpg (326587 bytes)
Hunting Partners "Pink on Pink" Emperor Angelfish
Pal_jellyfish_lake.jpg (179892 bytes) Pal_coral_variety.jpg (343990 bytes) Pal_bigeye_barracuda.jpg (319844 bytes)
Sea of Jellies A Little of Everything School of Bigeye Barracuda
Pal_clarks_anemonefish.jpg (372374 bytes) Pal_palau_pacific.jpg (329760 bytes) Pal_Orange-Spined_Anemonefish_2.jpg (386059 bytes)
Clark's Anemonefish Palau Pacific Lagoon Orange-finned Anemonefish
Pal_softcoral_garden.jpg (321114 bytes) Pal_whitetip_reef_sharks.jpg (251105 bytes) Pal_rock_arches.jpg (279074 bytes)
Soft Coral Garden Whitetip Reef Sharks Mini Arches
Pal_diver_with_jelly.jpg (276058 bytes) Pal_moorish_idols.jpg (294301 bytes) Pal_mestiga_jellyfish_2.jpg (278981 bytes)
Rick at Jellyfish Lake Moorish Idols Lone Jellyfish
Pal_rock_islands.jpg (202685 bytes) Pal_spotted_eagleray.jpg (298202 bytes) Pal_crocodile_flathead.jpg (400360 bytes)
View from the Big Blue Spotted Eagleray Crocodile Flathead
Pal_diver_silhouettes.jpg (156197 bytes) Pal_leaf_scorpionfish.jpg (428000 bytes) Pal_blue-spotted_puffer.jpg (420436 bytes)
Descending Virgin Blue Holes Leaf Scorpionfish Blue-spotted Puffer
Pal_turtle.jpg (335660 bytes) Pal_Moorish_Idol_pair.jpg (369472 bytes) Pal_jellyfish_photographer.jpg (341882 bytes)
Palau Turtle Pair of Moorish Idols Jellyfish Lake
  Pal_mestiga_jelly.jpg (230731 bytes)  
  Jelly in the Sun