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Fantastic diving in the Land of Stone Money

Yap_mantaray_silhouette.jpg (144956 bytes) Yap_longspine_lionfish.jpg (362887 bytes) Yap_blacktip_reef_shark_2.jpg (200053 bytes)
"Katie" the Mantaray Longspine Lionfish Pair Curious Blacktip Reef Shark
Yap_pink_anemonefish.jpg (366780 bytes) Yap_yap_day_dance.jpg (309941 bytes) Yap_manta_silhouette.jpg (114006 bytes)
Pink Anemonefish "Hide in Seek" Following the "Bird"  Manta Silhouette
Yap_crown_of_thorns.jpg (413939 bytes) Yap_purple_anemone_and_fish.jpg (375201 bytes) Yap_cucumber_with_Cuvierian tubules.jpg (393264 bytes)
Yap Crown of Thorns Purple Anemone Host Sea Cucumber w/Cuvierian Tubules
Yap_gray_reef_sharks.jpg (247354 bytes) Yap_stone_money_bank.jpg (395506 bytes) Yap_cuttlefish.jpg (270444 bytes)
Gray Reef Sharks Stone Money Bank "Golden Eye"
Yap_nudibranch.jpg (314782 bytes) Yap_M'il_Channel_Mantaray.jpg (236037 bytes) Yap_common_lionfish.jpg (256194 bytes)
Feeding Nudibranch The Stealth Arrival Resting Common Lionfish
Yap_blacktip_reef_shark.jpg (201166 bytes) Yap_Longspine_Lionfish_2.jpg (391243 bytes) Yap_feeding_sea_cucumber.jpg (413750 bytes)
A Blacktip Says "Hello" Passing Longspine Lionfish Jen's "Doiley Feet" Sea Cucumber
Yap_stone_path.jpg (394150 bytes) Yap_longfinned_bannerfish.jpg (163995 bytes) Yap_diver_along_the_wall.jpg (311842 bytes)
Keng Village Stone Path Long finned Bannerfish Pair Diver Along Fanif Wall
Yap_blacktip_and_gray reef_sharks.jpg (188446 bytes) Yap_orange-finned_anemonefish.jpg (391202 bytes) Yap_yap_day_2.jpg (372327 bytes)
Mixed Pack of Sharks Haddon's Sea Anemone w/fish Yap Day Dance Festivities
Yap_resting_whitetip.jpg (258812 bytes) Yap_Common_Lionfish_2.jpg (351051 bytes) Yap_mantaray_3.jpg (129481 bytes)
Resting Whitetip Posing Common Lionfish Fascinationg View to the Surface
Yap_yap_day_chant.jpg (300431 bytes) Yap_coral_outcrop.jpg (359319 bytes) Yap_cuttlefish_2.jpg (264558 bytes)
From Smallest to Tallest Underwater Color Explosion Indo-Pacific Cuttlefish
Yap_leopard_sea_cucumber.jpg (362922 bytes) Yap_preg_gray_reef_shark.jpg (190346 bytes) Yap_orange-finned_anemonefish_2.jpg (408930 bytes)
Leopard Sea Cucumber Pregnant Gray Reef Shark Corkscrew Anemone w/friends
Yap_chromodoris_nudibranch.jpg (256932 bytes) Yap_Mantaray_Mi'l_Channel.jpg (160353 bytes) Yap_masked_bannerfish.jpg (267309 bytes)
Chromodoris Nudibranch "Katie" Glides By Masked Bannerfish
Yap_whitetip_reef_shark.jpg (282231 bytes) Yap_cuttlefish_3.jpg (214208 bytes) Yap_flower_soft_coral.jpg (395427 bytes)
Whitetip at Yap Caverns Cuttlefish Transformation Flower Coral
Yap_stone_path_2.jpg (391592 bytes) Yap_manta_and_boat_silhouette.jpg (146735 bytes) Yap_lionfish.jpg (298410 bytes)
Manicured Stone Path Manta Under the Boat Stalking Lionfish
Yap_stone_money.jpg (379898 bytes) Yap_blue_starfish.jpg (400809 bytes) Yap_moorish_idol.jpg (297146 bytes)
"Raising Money" Blue Star Yap Moorish Idol
Yap_spotfin_lionfish.jpg (377509 bytes) Yap_feather_star.jpg (371776 bytes) Yap_mens_house.jpg (316500 bytes)
Spotfin Lionfish Chrinoild in Sunburst Yapese Men's Meeting House
Yap_statues.jpg (310114 bytes) Yap_jungle_flower.jpg (287134 bytes) Yap_mantaray.jpg (161102 bytes)
Decorative Statues Jungle Flower Cruising Mil Channel
Yap_mantaray_2.jpg (148067 bytes) Yap_pineapple_sea_cucumber.jpg (341732 bytes) Yap_crocodile_flathead.jpg (409762 bytes)
The mezmerizing Mantaray Pineapple Sea Cucumber Yap Crocodile Flathead