Blue Water Visions


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Diving and Exploring the Caribbean's Nature Island

Lone Reef Squid Walking On The Sun Scorpionfish Profile
Bearded Fireworm Creature Hunting Longlure Frogfish
Dominica Sunset Shy Hamlet "HI, C'mon IN"
"Jack in the Box" Shrimp on Parade Crinoid Reefscape
Secretary Blenny "Will Work for Food" Titou Gorge
Two of a Kind Posing Frogfish "Ruffles"
Dominica Seahorse Seafans and Hydroids Longsnout Seahorse
Squid Squadron Scott's Head Prickly Perch
Reef - search Figure 8 Swimmer Chromis Arc
"Which way is Up" Grumpy Frogfish Dominica Seaside
Skulker Traveling Fireworm Serpentine Sharptail
Goby on Brain Coral View of Scott's Head Arrow Blenny
Trafalgar Falls Soufriere Canoes Encrusting Cup Coral