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We had a great week on the Nekton Pilot - Eat, Dive, Sleep, & Repeat!

gray angelfish bottlenose dolphin bluestriped grunts
Posing Gray Angelfish Bottlenose Dolphin Grunt Expressway
Florida corallimorph moon jelly swimming loggerhead sea turtle
Florida Corallimorph Moon Jelly Swimming Loggerhead Sea Turtle
queen triggerfish intermediate phase pillar coral and mixed grunts spotted moray
Queen Triggerfish (Intermediate Phase) Pillar Coral and mixed Grunts Spotted Moray
blackbar soldierfish Theos wreck BAH-painted tunicates.jpg (341181 bytes)
Blackbar Soldierfish Theo's Wreck Trumpetfish Tunicate Close up
nurse shark curious dolphin channel clinging crab
Sleepy Nurse Shark Curious Dolphin "Lefty" the Crab
loggerhead with remoras boats at Bimini moon jelly
Loggerhead with Remoras Boats at Bimini Drifting Moon Jelly
moon jelly in the sun BAH-gray angelfish.jpg (241865 bytes) Grunts on the Hesperus
Moon Jelly in the Sun Rising Gray Angelfish Grunts on the Hesperus Wreck
nekton snorkelers common octopus
Snorkeling with Dolphins Barracuda on the Sugar Wreck Octopus caught "in the cookie jar"
kissing grunts orange elephant ear sponge atlantic spadefish
Kissing Bluestripe Grunts Elephant Ear and Sea Rods Dancing Atlantis Spadefish
eye of the stingray queen triggerfish remora
Southern Stingray Facial Her Majesty - Queen Triggerfish Hitchhiking Remora
redlip blenny southern stingray school of bluestripped grunts
Redlip Blenny Gliding Southern Stingray Bluestripe Wallpaper
BAH-Wreck of the Hesperus.jpg (224290 bytes) grunts on parade common octopus-4
Hesperus from Above Grunts on Parade Common Octopus on the Move
bluestriped grunts on the Hesperus grunts and fire coral rick on a wreck
Bluestripe Grunts on the Hesperus Grunts and Fire Coral Rick Fish (Photus scubadiverium)
coral banded shrimp horse-eye jacks reef scene
Coral Banded Shrimp Horse-eye Jack Escape Grunts and Snapper along the Reef
common octopus-3 coral banded shrimp
"Herbie" the Common Octopus Read the  Shrimp Hideout
  Bahamas Fish Tale