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Our latest adventure in the Turks & Caicos Islands included big animal encounters and a brush with a hurricane!


Sully in "The Gully" Underwater Texture Juvenile Longfin Damselfish
Fright Mask Sliding Flamingo Tongue Herd of Horse Eyes
Invasive Lionfish Grace Bay Beach Young Green Sea Turtle
Passing Gray Reef Shark Queen Triggerfish's Fine Detail Provo Explorer
Purple Tubes Indigo Sponges at "The Anchor"
Our Grouper Companion Nice Fish, Wrong Ocean Say "Hi" to Sully
Coral Castle Tropical Flowers Provo Pederson's
The One That Got Away "Nassau" Tony Encrusting Octopus Sponge
"Now Children, Behave!" Curious Queen Angelfish Turquoise Inland Lake