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We always have a terrific time at one of our favorite dive destinations! It isn't hard to do when you combine excellent hotels, dive operators and friendly people in a great dive location. We did some incredible dives, met some new friends and we are already dreaming of returning!

Check out all the details of our trip in the "Fish Tales" section.

Prowling Green Moray Fleeing Turtle Back Off
Heart Urchin Skeleton Julie's Discovery Solitary Foureye Butterfly
COZ_SplendidToad8-10a.jpg (393279 bytes) COZ_BlackGrouper4-5.jpg (327423 bytes)
Cozumel's Splendid Toadfish Squat Anemone Shrimp Black Grouper Hideout
Breakfast Companions Post Wilma Anchor "Vincent Price"
COZ_QAngel2-12.jpg (321214 bytes)
Wall Angelfish Toadfish Facial Spotted Drum Juvenile
COZ_3LinedSeaCucumber1-18.jpg (268253 bytes) COZ_StoplightParrot113_1375.jpg (383987 bytes)
3 Lined Sea Cucumber Posing Turtle Sleeping Stoplight Parrotfish
COZ_Sunset112_1271.jpg (293971 bytes)
Juvenile Queen Angelfish Cozumel Sun Beams Angelfish Parade
COZ_Anenome8-5.jpg (405446 bytes) COZ_FAngel6-13a.jpg (265374 bytes)
Medusa Crown Snarling French Angelfish Feeding Angels
COZ_EagleRay7-14.jpg (235230 bytes) COZ_GreenMoray3-9.jpg (400510 bytes) COZ_QAngel2-16.jpg (367234 bytes)
Soaring Eagle "Come into my Parlor..." The Queen's Tunnel
COZ_GAngel2-14.jpg (457914 bytes)
Queen's Ballet Gray Angelfish 2-14 Up for a Breath
COZ_Parottfish113_1385.jpg (375725 bytes) COZ_QAngel2-11.jpg (388485 bytes)
Hiding in Plain Sight  Parrotfish at Night Follow the Leader
COZ_NurseShark8-2.jpg (273575 bytes) COZ_GingerFlower112_1203.jpg (301957 bytes) COZ_SplendidToad7-11.jpg (428263 bytes)
Resting Nurse Shark Island Flora Splendid Toadfish 7-11
COZ_SplendidToad3-17.jpg (293906 bytes) COZ_Balloonfish113_1333a.jpg (356589 bytes) COZ_Cuda5-12.jpg (217284 bytes)
Festive Splendid Toadfish Balloonfish Closeup Curious Cuda
COZ_Horse-Eye7-10.jpg (218290 bytes) COZ_Lobsters8-7.jpg (420686 bytes) COZ_Iguana112_1211.jpg (476491 bytes)
Horse-Eye Jack Dinner for Two Iguana Display
COZ_QAngel1-8.jpg (396736 bytes) COZ_EagleRay7-15.jpg (287291 bytes) COZ_Wildside.jpg (265715 bytes)
Queen Angelfish 1-8 Graceful Departure Cozumel's Wildside
COZ_QTrigger1-12.jpg (393657 bytes) COZ_GAngel7-2.jpg (436140 bytes) COZ_BandedCoralShrimp113_1323.jpg (378013 bytes)
Posing Queen Triggerfish Gray Angelfish and Friend Shrimp Condo
COZ_lizard.jpg (322497 bytes) COZ_SpottedMoray113_1366.jpg (389894 bytes) COZ_QTrigger6-6.jpg (302621 bytes)
Beach Lizard Spotted Moray 1366 Queen Triggerfish 6-6
COZ_pastelsunset.jpg (197147 bytes) COZ_Tidalrush.jpg (393663 bytes) COZ_SplendidToad5-9.jpg (363484 bytes)
Pastel Sunset Tidal Rush Toad House
COZ_SpottedMoray113_1365.jpg (355701 bytes) COZ_CrabSponge113_1372.jpg (379228 bytes) COZ_SandDiver113_1353.jpg (443400 bytes)
Spotted Moray 1365 Feeding Crab Sand Diver 1353
COZ_SplendidToad8-8.jpg (372831 bytes) COZ_ChannelCrab113_1379.jpg (364713 bytes) COZ_QTrigger1-11.jpg (337845 bytes)
Splendid Toadfish 8-8 "Tank" Queen Triggerfish 1-11
COZ_SharptailMoray112_1290.jpg (453082 bytes) COZ_Balloonfish113_1330a.jpg (290920 bytes) COZ_SocialFeatherduster112_1279.jpg (398571 bytes)
Sharptail Eel 1290 Kelli's Balloon Social Feather Duster 1279
COZ_Eastside.jpg (246012 bytes) COZ_Sunset114_1420.jpg (249135 bytes) COZ_Yellowray113_1327.jpg (375100 bytes)
Cozumel's East Side Cozumel Sunset 1420 Yellow Stingray 1327
COZ_SplendidToad8-12.jpg (386871 bytes) COZ_conch_tree copy.jpg (221632 bytes) sunsetpalm.jpg (233301 bytes)
The Whole Toadfish Conch Tree Palm at Sunset in Cozumel