Blue Water Visions


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Pal_sea_turtle_red_seafan.jpg (349462 bytes)

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Hidden Turtle Turtle on Seafan Waving Turtle
Pal_painted_sea_turtle.jpg (195491 bytes) CAY_cturtle2.jpg (261593 bytes)
Young Hawksbill Turtle Turtle with amazing shell Flying Hawksbill
CAY_turtle.jpg (158588 bytes) loggerhead sea turtle TCI_turtle_3.jpg (237122 bytes)
Hawksbill Turtle Loggerhead Sea Turtle Mean Turtle
Pal_turtle.jpg (335660 bytes) TCI_turtle_2.jpg (429560 bytes)
Palau Turtle Resting Turtle Turtle on Little Cayman Wall
loggerhead with remoras BLZ_diver and turtle.jpg (336151 bytes)
Loggerhead with Remoras Diver and Sea Turtle Green Sea Turtle
  COZ_Turtle6-17.jpg (385454 bytes)
Cruisin' Turtle   Turtle Perch