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Sharks and Rays


Pal_passing_manta.jpg (139830 bytes) Whaleshark at Gladden Spit
German Channel Mantaray Passing Whaleshark My What Big Teeth You Have
Grand Cayman - Stingray City Yap_resting_whitetip.jpg (258812 bytes)

Belize - Diver with Nurse Shark

Rick at Stingray City Resting Whitetip Diver w/ Nurse Shark
Yap_Mantaray_Mi'l_Channel.jpg (160353 bytes) Cozumel - Nurse Shark Yap_manta_silhouette.jpg (114006 bytes)
"Katie" Glides By Resting Nurse Shark Manta Silhouette

Pal_eagleray_at_blue_corner.jpg (193130 bytes)

Belize - Southern Stingray Yap_blacktip_reef_shark.jpg (201166 bytes)
Spotted Eagleray at Blue Corner Stealth Stingray A Blacktip Says "Hello"
Yap_blacktip_reef_shark_2.jpg (200053 bytes) Yap_mantaray_silhouette.jpg (144956 bytes) BLZ_whaleshark.jpg (212594 bytes)
Curious Blacktip Reef Shark "Katie" the Mantaray Whaleshark Headshot
Yap_mantaray_3.jpg (129481 bytes) eye of the stingray nurse shark
Fascinationg View to the Surface Southern Stingray Facial Sleepy Nurse Shark
Passing Whaleshark at Gladden Spit Yap_preg_gray_reef_shark.jpg (190346 bytes) Pal_gliding_eagleray.jpg (145318 bytes)
Departing Whaleshark Pregnant Gray Reef Shark Mysterious Spotted Eagleray
Pal_blue_corner_whitetips.jpg (255777 bytes) Pal_spotted_eagleray_3.jpg (263903 bytes) Yap_blacktip_and_gray reef_sharks.jpg (188446 bytes)
Blue Corner Whitetips Disappearing Eagleray Mixed Pack of Sharks
Pal_spotted_eagleray.jpg (298202 bytes) Yap_M'il_Channel_Mantaray.jpg (236037 bytes) Belize - Nurse Sharks
Spotted Eagleray The Stealth Arrival Nurse Shark #3
Yap_manta_and_boat_silhouette.jpg (146735 bytes) southern stingray Yap_mantaray_2.jpg (148067 bytes)
Manta Under the Boat Gliding Southern Stingray The mezmerizing Mantaray
Yap_whitetip_reef_shark.jpg (282231 bytes) Fiji - Leopard Shark Cozumel - Spotted Eagle Ray
Whitetip at Yap Caverns Zebra Shark Graceful Departure
BLZ_whale shark and divers.jpg (169356 bytes) Pal_whitetip_reef_sharks.jpg (251105 bytes) Yap_mantaray.jpg (161102 bytes)
Grand Entrance Whitetip Reef Sharks Cruising Mil Channel

Grand Turk - Southern Stingray with Jack

Yap_gray_reef_sharks.jpg (247354 bytes) Cozumel - Spotted Eagle Ray
Stingray w/ Jack Gray Reef Sharks Soaring Eagle
Belize - Spotted Eagle Ray Fiji - White Tip Reef Shark

Belize - Southern Stingray

Spotted Eagle Ray Whitetip Reef Shark #2 Southern Stingray
Cozumel - Yellow Stingray Belize - Southern Stingray Fiji - White Tip Reef Shark
Yellow Stingray 1327 Hol Chan Stingray Whitetip Reef Shark